What's the point of this website?

Ans: We here at MyFiki want to make sure that people and businesses can donate to non-profit organizations, even if they aren't comfortable giving money, or want to make sure that donations are used for what the organization really needs. Too often, with tight budgets, non-profit organizations have needs, and when they receive money for a project, it has to be reallocated to an operational budget or an emergency. MyFiki ensures that the non-profit gets what it needs, with as little time and difficulty as possible.

What does MyFiki stand for?

Ans: MyFiki stands for, "My Fundraising Initiatives built on Kindness and Involvement." We at MyFiki wanted to start at the source of all fundraising by having our nonprofit partners get directly involved and have a voice in the process. Without modest but direct requests, donors can't know what an organization needs. So, we want to remind nonprofits to voice their needs with kindness and confidence.

What is your logo?

Ans: Our logo isn't about molecular biology... it's about building community. Individuals, small businesses, and large corporations can come together and help the non-profit organizations at the heart of our mission. So, maybe it is about science, the science of connection.

How much does it cost? Really.

Ans: The only cost is the purchase of the item being sent to the nonprofit organization, plus shipping. There are no fees, charges, price increases, or markups. Ever. MyFiki does not build in any charge to users or nonprofits.

How do I know I'm donating to a real non-profit organization?

Ans: MyFiki asks for an EIN number for each organization upon registration, but we do not require one to register. If one is not listed in an organization's profile, the number zero will be present. We hope that our users do some research of their own since it's the responsible thing to do, to know where your money is going. cannot make any guarantees regarding an organization's legal status but we research everyone who registers so we know who our partners are, and so do you.

Is my information safe?

Ans: Absolutely. MyFiki does not collect your private information and will not sell or distribute any information, ever, since we don't have any! Your purchases are only tracked through and only the information that a nonprofit organization shares with us, including their Wishlist, are saved.

Is my financial information safe?

Ans: MyFiki does not track or store your information. All purchases are completed through the fully encrypted customer portal on

How do I get a tax-deduction receipt?

Ans: Just like if you were to donate an item in person, we ask that you notify the nonprofit that something is coming their way. You may also leave your address in the notes section of your purchase for the nonprofit to receive when they receive your donation. If you leave your name and address, it will be easier for them to mail you a receipt.

For Non-Profit Organizations

How do I add my organization?

Ans: It's simple, just sign up for a profile by clicking, Sign Up on Fill out the registration form and submit. You'll receive an email with more information. You can get started building your profile page right away and by creating an business profile (just sign up your business if you do not already have an Amazon account, then add your business address) and then create a Wishlist by adding items to it. We will send you a email with instructions on how to link your Amazon Wishlist to your profile. Then, share your profile page URL with as many people as you can to get your organization what it needs.

How do I pick what I want to receive as donations?

Ans: If you haven't done so, already, set up an account for your non-profit organization (don't use your personal account) and create a Wishlist of what you want to receive. Once you link that wishlist to MyFiki, any changes you make to your Wishlist will automatically be reflected on your profile page.

What happens if I don't no longer need what I received, or received too many?

Ans: MyFiki believes in giving non-profit organizations control and autonomy over what it wants listed as a Wishlist, so if you've already received the desired quantity of an item, it's up to you to remove it from your wishlist. However, if you still received someone's donation and you need to return it, please follow the instructions at this link:

Someone told me they're sending my organization a donation, but we never received it, what do I do?

Ans: First, if you know the donor who purchased the item, contact them and ask them to check on the status of the order. You can also email MyFiki customer support at and reference the item in question. We will search the system for you and get more information about the item.

I forgot my profile page password, how do I retrieve it?

Ans: Click on Forgot Password on the Login page and instructions will be emailed to the address we have on file when you registered.

How do I recognize donors who sent my nonprofit organization an item from our Wishlist?

Ans: The person or business who donated to you may have left a name an address in the notes section of their purchase, which would be on the mailing label of the donation box. If not, they might have contacted you with their information. It's only possible to provide a receipt to a donor if they provide their information. Do your best to find out who donated, but if not, maybe they don't need a receipt. Here at, we don't collect any user data, so we can't send a thank you or receipt out for you, but we're working to make the process easier. Stay tuned for updates.