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Free2Luv® takes the bullied to brave, heals hurts and builds dreams, so no child is left feeling alone, unwanted or hopeless. It is a youth empowerment organization dedicated to rockin' individuality, spreading kindness and standing up to bullying through arts and entertainment. Through community outreach and awareness campaigns, the organization helps to bring communities together, positions healthy role models for our youth and empowers youth to be kinder, more responsible citizens of the community. You can join the movement and stand up to bullying with Free2Luv.
We are small nonprofit with a big heart and a passion to create a bully-free world where everyone is celebrated for their individuality. We are a movement of youth who are agents for change, inspiring other youth to be their authentic, amazing selves.
We know the scarring and lasting impact bullying has on our youth, robbing them of their innocence and emotionally stripping them of their well-being. We invite you to join us to end this epidemic. Your generous support will help us save and enhance the lives of youth and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration. Know that every gift received aids us in the process of celebrating individuality, empowering our youth and allowing each child to uniquely shine. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so your purchase is tax deductible. Thanks again for making a difference in the lives of youth!

Free2Luv/Lilly is doing an incredible job bringing youth challenges to the forefront using 21st century technology!


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