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Stargazey's Equine Therapy was established in 2010, and aims to provide hands on equine experiences in order to aid personal development, overcome challenges, and achieve personal goals for individuals of all ages and abilities. The safety and wellbeing of our participants and horses are our foremost concerns as well as providing an inclusive, fun and accessible environment for all.

In addition to our Equine Therapy program we endeavor to provide new opportunities for equines. Our rescue and revocation program is unique in that we not only provide equines with the care they require, but with our tailored training program we provide them a solid start in a new vocation.
Stargazey's Equine Therapy is a unique program comprised of passionate individuals who work together to provide this wonderful program.

With our unique mixture of equine professionals, and volunteers we have built relationships with clients and other rescue programs that allow us to not only service South Eastern Ohio, and local surrounding areas, but also has allowed us to adopt our rescue and revocation equines across the nation.
Stargazey's Equine Therapy is run completely on donations, and the power of volunteers. To continue to provide this life changing programme to our community, and in need equines we need support from caring individuals like you!

Thank you for considering this wonderful program, and we hope to add you to our wonderful family of supporters :)

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