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At TLCC, our mission is to inspire people to live the life that God dreams for them, as we spread God's love in ever-widening circles. We Strive For Excellence In An Atmosphere Of Grace. We are committed to excellence in everything we are and do and we accept responsibility for our decisions and actions while always extending grace to ourselves and others.
The members of TLCC come together in order to serve our surrounding community in a positive and extremely impactful way. We do this through a wide variety of service projects throughout Essex county. This is a culmination of what the heart of TLCC is all about: serving others. Our hope is that the love of Jesus and the message of the gospel will be spread in ever widening circles as a result of our service.
The Life Christian Church has partnered with the Newark YMCA for the past five (5) years in various ways. The Newark Y Birthday Club focuses on the children there, who are often too young to fully grasp their situation. Each month, we host a birthday party for the children with birthdays that month and provide them with a special birthday gift. Once a year, we also host a Christmas party and have a volunteer Santa as well as other forms of entertainment for all of the children that are on the roster during the holiday season.

With the shelter housing 260 beds for individuals and families, there are a lot of kids to provide gifts for! This year, our goal is to provide winter footwear for all of the minors residing there. That total is approximately 150 according to data received in mid-November. Please help us reach our goal! With your help, each child will receive a warm pair of boots wrapped and presented to them at our annual Christmas Party.

Thank you in advance for your support!

The TLCC-YMCA Birthday Club


My mother and I along with my two sisters and brother wish you a happy birthday. Life will get better after this. GOD Bless you and your family.

Happy Birthday from Dianne and her mother Mrs. Overton.

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