WolfSpirits Toy Breed Puppymill Rescue

EIN Number (if applicable): 34-1937334

Email : info@wolfspiritsrescue.com

We are a small not for profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization dedicated to rescuing and re-homing toy breed dogs.

We are registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 956.06 Animal Rescue License.

We consist of volunteer families and individuals in the U.S., who foster in our homes. We are always in need of caring people to temporarily foster them until they go home.

We take in the old, the special needs, and at times, the young.

Although our main focus is helping any ex breeder in need, we also pull from kill shelters and when we have the foster space available will help with owner surrenders.

We do not have a physical shelter for people to just stop in and see the dogs.
We do not receive any government funding nor pay outside fundraisers. We rely entirely on donations and our own fundraisers to support our efforts.

Without our caring, dedicated volunteers and foster homes and people like you who support us, we would not be able to help these little survivors out of the mills and offer them a chance at a normal life.

There are no salaries here for what we do. We get paid with sloppy kisses and a warm body to snuggle up with while they are with us.
We don't count how many we have rescued thoughout the years, nor do we care. Our main goal is to rescue, rehab and place into permanent loving homes. In the years that we have been doing this only 2 have been returned to us because they were not working out in their homes.
Please help us so that we can help more animals that are waiting for a safe place to temporarily lay their heads. We do not euthanize for space. Some stay with us longer than most and in that time need additional vet care as well as supplies. Our foster homes could use a little extra now and then to help with the cost of keeping these animals safe until adopted.

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