K9 Mill Rescue

EIN Number (if applicable): 47-1207730

Email : info@k9millrescue.org

K9 Mill Rescue will always strive to heal the sick and injured, rehabilitate the neglected and abused and nurture the aged and unwanted dog. All of our dogs are retired from breeding, helping to stop the overpopulation crisis in our communities. Our volunteers will shower them with unconditional love until we find the perfect family or rescue for each and every K9MR pup.

K9 Mill Rescue’s vision is to serve as a halfway house where each of our beloved dogs can rest and recuperate from vet care and neglect prior to being placed with a foster, permanent family or rescue and moving on in their lives.
K9 Mill Rescue (K9MR) was founded by three friends with the same passion and goal to help breeding dogs in need. We have each rescued dogs on our own, but together, and with our dog loving supporters, will be able to help more breeding dogs! New laws and the overall education of the public on the treatment of mill dogs has caused an increase in the number of dogs being released due to facility closures, age, health or simply being unwanted. Our goal is to rescue these dogs and provide the physical and mental care they need to transition into a family forever home.
K9 Mill Rescue (K9MR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. We are dedicated to rescuing breeding dogs that are being retired, downsized, shut down or simply unwanted. We are an all-breed rescue and accept breeding dogs, regardless of age, health condition or level of neglect. Donors may deduct contributions on their US Federal Tax returns.

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Cha Cha (formerly Sunny Delight) has settled in so nicely Adopted her on Memorial Day Spoiled rotten

Debbie W


First Christmas with Cinder, she such a blessing to me, my husband adores her even tho she is still scared of him, she is petrified of men.

?Becky D


Harley loves his new chair!

Andy W


Huge thank you to K9 Mill Rescue for saving the day and helping my mom Ashley Lancaster Cunniff and I tonight. We got 20 dogs that will be finding amazing homes all over the U.S. thanks to them.

Alden M


Felicity has came a long way.. And we welcomed her to our family..she is the sweetest most precious Lil one. We love our Lil chug.. Thank you K9 Mills Rescue for making this possible... Keep up the great work with finding homes for these precious dogs

Janice G

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