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Why do you rescue rabbits? What do you do with them? Where do you get them?

After five years of running the rescue in Creswell, Oregon, we are still amazed that those are the most frequently asked questions. The rabbit is a very unique animal with a very unique set of needs. Red Barn Rabbit Rescue is located in a predominately rural community and the idea that rabbits need rescuing and that they are indoor pets is perplexing to the majority of the public. Unlike cats and dogs the donations and volunteer support is greatly diminished due to such a wide unfamiliarity with them. Our ability to reach out to people in metro areas and apply for grants is imperative to our ability to collect donations and keep this a successful mission.
RBRR started because a teenage girl, Alex Crippen, decided her time would be better spent helping less fortunate rabbits get proper care and safe, caring permanent homes. That teenage girl’s mom, Heather Crippen, was all for it; “anything to keep her busy and away from boys.” Little did Heather know that Alex would turn RBRR into a non-profit organization that is known all around the world. Or that she would be spending 30 hours a week as a volunteer for these complicated and intriguing animals. Alex, Vice President, is primarily responsible for research, social media, fundraising and minor medical needs. Heather, President, devotes four hours a day studying, cleaning and caring for the rabbits. Life has changed dramatically for them both as they realized that these furry creatures are in dire need of a facility that is devoted to them and their unique needs. It was also very obvious that they needed protection from the archaic belief that they are farm animals and do not deserve the same type of protection and treatment awarded to cats and dogs.
Please help us continue to educate the public and save these wonderfully unique and intriguing animals by becoming a regular donor and spreading the word to other people that you think might find our cause worthy of helping.

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Great people, wonderful care and willing to go the extra mile. These buns are lucky to have Red Barn Rabbit Rescue.

Sara B

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