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Victory Center Ministries (VCM) is a multi-faceted ministry located in the heart of the Midwest and right on the Mississippi. Since its inception in April 1987, VCM has been dedicated to providing services for the poor and the needy in the Gateway Area, the United States and throughout the world. VCM has established food for hunger programs, orphanages, medical clinics and other outreach ministries in Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Kenya, Panama, and the Philippines, Each year, Victory adds more places to expand their services throughout the world. Some of the services provided by the VCM include: food, temporary shelter for the homeless, employment assistance, transitional housing, clothes, blankets, linens, and home repair needs for those who are experiencing a hardship. VCM Men's Shelter can house up to 49 men and provides transitional housing for 38 men. The Women and Children's Shelter can house up to 25 people. Each and every day we serve 3 nutritious meals to the public. Our homeless shelters are equipped with showers, laundry facilities, lounge area, chapel area and we have an offsite gym and playground for recreational use. VCM does its best to provide a caring and supportive atmosphere for people from all walks of life.

Additionally, we provide Christian Education and Theological Training (INSTE), Substance Abuse Programs, Mighty X Men programs to transition ex-offenders back into the community after being released from incarceration.
We are a multi-faceted ministry who primarily deals with the poor and the needy. We also help those who have substance abuse and alcohol abuse issues as well as people who are chronically ill, and/or mentally ill.

We try to cater to all the needs of the poor by providing food, shelter, clothes, household items, home repair needs, employment placement and life skills to help them become more self-sufficient.
You can support us by donating any of the following items: Hygiene Products, cleaning supplies, paper products, kitchen items such as silverware, clothing in all sizes especially for children, and plus size men. You can earmark your donation to go to a particular region or country and you can make your donations online at

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