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Brothers Against Poverty is a Christ-centered organization that seeks to serve as the hands of God, providing charitable relief to the poor and underprivileged through education and community revitalization.
A Word From The Founder: When I was 15 years old I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico and serve for a week at an orphanage. While I was there I witnessed desperate poverty and a bleak outlook on the future for the majority of the community. I witnessed children living in ditches with torn clothing lining up to receive the food that we distributed. I watched their faces light up with happiness as we took just a few minutes to play with them. In Vicente Guerrero, Foundation for His Ministry has built facilities that takes these children off the streets and installs them into a program that gives them an education, gives them a future and gives them hope. Unfortunately, Foundation for His Ministry and many similar causes around the world are severely underfunded and therefore many programs are reduced and restricted. We have made it our mission to instigate as much change as we can as a Youth United Movement against poverty. Brothers Against Poverty will fight scarcity, work for better education, and allow others to pursue their dreams.
You can help us reach our mission of raising $1,000,000 against poverty on our website here: We will soon also have a wishlist of goods that we can provide to those in need as part of our mission.

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