Does cold water really dry nail polish?

Posted on Feb 10, 2020 in Beautiful appearance

Does cold water really dry nail polish?

It often takes too long to wait for your Nail polish to dry. You may have tried all sorts of methods and even some offbeat ones to get your nail polish to dry more quickly. You should have painted, shot, waited, smudged and repainted it.

But, just after the blowing phase, there are ways to cut through that loop that cold water dry nail polish.

Fill a tub of ice tea, refrigerate and add a couple of ice cubes, just to make sure. Paint your nails a minute, then blow them dry. Dunk your fingers into the small pool of cool water for about two or three minutes.

You will see small droplets on your fingernails when you take your fingers out, which means the procedure has been done correctly.

Instead of several coats of paint, add just one small and large sheet of nail polish to your hands. That makes it dry easily, and leaves a perfected and even ending behind it.

It also gives your nails the chance to dry, saving you a lot of time in the period between each request.

Heat isn’t helping to make the nail polish strong and settle but it does. Set the hair dryer modeto cool, and hold the nails away as they dry.

In less than a minute, you’ll see amazing results of making nail polish dry faster.

One common mistake many women make is to apply nail polish to the job that predates. This reduces the possibility of the perfectly applied nail polish, and also makes it difficult to remove it.

Make sure you still brush your nails with a nail paint remover before applying a fresh coat, and get rid of some of the leftover nail polish.

nail polish dry faster

Oil mist makes the nails dry up quicker. Sweep the oil off with a dry paper towel when you see the oil beading on top of your palm. The results are impressive indeed, and very fast.

Kick your hands in the oven, and let the ice thicken the polish, if you feel daring. If the cold is too much in the Arctic or the family stares at you like your nuts, take your hands off.

Look for beauty favorites at your local pharmacy or any other retailer. If you go for the hair dryer system tried-and-true, set it to cool before you let it blow. The cold is what’s helping to harden the polish.