Face moisturizer for summer with cucumber

Posted on Oct 12, 2019 in Beautiful appearance, Natural beauty recipes

Face moisturizer for summer with cucumber

Moisturizers are essential in protecting your skin from external contaminants and from the elements. Hydrating agents lock in moisture and help maintain the elasticity of your skin and keep it feeling soft and supple.

By applying homemade face moisturizer for summer with cucumber which are rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and essential vitamins, you can restore and rebuild the cell health of your skin from the depths of its layers.

You can buy moisturizers from a store, of course, but why not consider using all natural highly nourishing ingredients to make your own, which are also low cost.

Use natural nutrients and take advantage of rich ingredients

Many natural ingredients like essential oils including Frankincense and Calophyllum have been known to stimulate the development of collagen and enable the process of repairing the skins.

In sugars, fruit acids and glycolic acid also stimulate the cellular renewal process of the skins and slough off dead skin cells to reveal a younger, softer complexion.

Carrot seed oil is a very rich oil high in vitamins A and C, both concentrated antioxidants which protect against free radical damage causing premature aging (and wrinkles etc.).

Another very popular super antioxidant ingredient in moisturizers is vitamin E that can be found in many base and essential oils.

natural nutrients

Base fatty acids and essential oils

Base oils high in essential fatty acids (or EFA’s) help bring vitamins and nutrients deeper into the epidermis of your skins.

Using cucumber juice on face overnight also help to hold dehydrated cells in moisture and plump out.

Many base oils commonly used in moisturizers are naturally rich in essential fatty acids, Macadamia oil, avocado or olive oil are examples of this. Others have very high concentrations of EFA’s such as Rosehip oil.

Using distilled water, a base oil, beeswax, essential oils and an emulsifier like beeswax, you can make many simple natural, homemade facial moisturizer recipes. You can also add humectants such as glycerin or honey to the skin which attract moisture.