Makeup with a green dress

Posted on Jun 18, 2019 in Beautiful appearance

Makeup with a green dress

Did you decide to wear a green dress for big fat wedding or a prom? Or even for the wedding of a relative, or for a picnic, or for an event.

Don’t worry baby! We’ll be sharing some of the best makeup for olive green dressing today’s post.

Green is a cool color with the potential to make your skin taint white. Imagine if you’re a fair, dusky or medium skinned woman, a beautiful green complements the color of the skin and won’t make you look darker or extremely light.

It’s a prosperity color and unlike blue, it can be worn by women of all colors.

How to wear for a party with Green Dress

Having said that, we have green color available in various shades. Based on that, let’s check out which are the different makeup looks that women with green colored dresses should be going for.

Face Making

Getting a healthy flawless skin is also healthy for the face. The concept for green dress is to make the skin look smoother and more polished.

A couple of blemishes etc. are still good but a thick cakey looking green dress make-up for the daytime is a total NO.

green dress make-upExplanation for this is that when you go hard with the needless make-up it looks like a tad bad greens. On the other hand, the heavy base can still look fine for black dress and even for red dress.

Make up eyes

You could not openly use blue eye shadow with blue dress without much thought, but green eye makeup with a green party dress can never look bad. It’s actually a very pretty pair.

Lip Making

Lip color lipstick to wear with green dress should be carefully chosen while wearing green dresses. That said, the color of the dress and the color of the shade of the lipstick should be another compliment that may look out of place.

Clearly, corals, pinks, peachy colors, dark red or even strawberry red would be the best shades of the lipstick that look stunning with your green dress.