Can I skip cardio and just lift weights?

Posted on Jun 18, 2020 in Beautiful appearance

Can I skip cardio and just lift weights?

Typically, cardio hours and hours are coupled with dieting in an effort to lose weight and sculpt the lean body you wish.

But there is an easier way to lose weight than having to spend so much of your time dieting each week and doing cardio workouts.

By concentrating on the two secrets of exercise below, you’ll be sculpting a lean, balanced body that you can sustain over time if you skip cardio and just lift weights.

Workouts should include periods of high volume and short rest.

weightliftingIf you’re primarily targeting weight loss, then you want to work towards rising your metabolic resting rate (RMR).

That is the amount of calories your body is burning in a state of rest. Your RMR constitutes the bulk of the daily calorie burning. If you can increase your lean muscle mass by weightlifting, then you can increase the amount of calories you are burning in a state of rest.

Focus your weight work on compound (multi-joint) exercises such as bench presses, pull-ups’, squats, and deadlifts if you want to increase your lean muscle mass

Increase the fat burning further by keeping the rest periods among sets at sixty seconds or less and the rep range from 8 to 12 reps per set.

This will increase the accumulation of lactic acid in your body which results in the release of growth hormones. The release of the growth hormone would help construct lean muscle mass and burn fat.

Occasionally mix it and use 3-6 reps per set to build strength, or use 13-20 reps for even greater metabolic expense. Monitor your lifting speed by lowering it by 3-6 seconds and explosive lifting.

Use sprint sessions to quickly loosen weight.

Sprinting builds lactic acid in the body with short rest periods in a manner similar to weightlifting.

The buildup of lactic acid comes from optimum application of muscle during exercise. It is this lactic acid build-up which leads to the discharge of growth hormone that helps to burn fat.

Via this full effort working out without cardio also develops lean muscle. The point is to train for the best fat loss results at or near your maximum effort. Start by training in a rest ratio of 1 to 4 work, and slowly build up to a rest ratio of 1 to 1 work.

Eviting typical exercise aerobics. Aerobic exercise effectively trains the body to make the most of the job by using the least amount of energy.

Look at sprinters of any world class. They are lean and well built. The distance runners, on the other hand, are thin, without much muscle mass.