How to cover burn scars with makeup?

Posted on Jul 6, 2019 in Makeup

How to cover burn scars with makeup?

Burns generally leaves a nasty scar behind him.  Some scars stay uplifted and discolored. The alarming ones are those on the nose, back, arms, and so on.

While cosmetic surgery is the quick and permanent solution, there are some ways cosmetic products can also hide scars from burning.

The idea is to cover the scars by altering the scar color to align with skin tone. Here are a few makeup tips to cover burn scars with makeup.

Take a thick concealer which fits your skin tone

It will fit very well with thick concealers which suit your skin tone. The cuts can also be underlined by extra finely tuned concealers.

skin tone

Buy qualified concealers because they contain more pigment than drug stores that offers better coverage.

Apply the concealer over the scars. You can use your fingertips if you find it convenient but usually an applicator combines the best.

Go for the gloss

Act on hiding the scar in small pieces at a time using a small amount of concealer. That’ll help you achieve greater coverage.

But be careful of not using too much concealer, it can make the scar appear puffed up, which in effect would draw even more scrutiny.

Similar to the color corrector and concealer, select the expert foundation for make-up line which matches your skin tone.

Inquire the seller to show you foundations of complementary flavored undertones for extra skin tone makeover.

Once the concealer is correctly applied, spread the makeup for burn scars all over the outer skin. Use Make-up sponge to apply instead of your hands.

Too much of the foundation will give you the unnatural glow that differentiates the scars.