DIY Rainbow Highlighter

Posted on Sep 15, 2019 in Natural beauty recipes

DIY Rainbow Highlighter

Highlighting and contouring style of makeup was considered to be strong and very dramatic on the highlight and the contour.

The art of contouring and highlighting, however, may seem like a daunting task to non-professionals, as there can be confusion in the proper way to apply it.

For women, there is a fine line between enhancing your best features and painting on a completely new face whilst highlighting and contouring. Women also possess soft and feminine characteristics.

Otherwise, the overuse of products can totally exaggerate and create unflattering features when applying makeup.

While professional makeup artists are taking similar steps by flawlessly highlighting and contouring to enhance your beautiful features — not hiding your beautiful features, mix it well and gradually add more color.

Good makeup is a makeup that looks good in person and in photos, and that emphasizes beauty rather than covering everything.

There is an art to it. The use of heavy concealment after Heavy foundation, followed by contour/heavy cream highlight can help to look fantastic at night, on stage or on camera, but in person it is pretty extreme!

Heavy makeup often simply draws exposure to large pores, pimples and other facial defects.

A subtle natural highlight and contour with DIY rainbow highlighters a great thing for the average woman to learn and practice on a regular basis.

cream highlighter

Shading and highlighting are two tricks which the stars have often used to put out their best face. If you know how to use teddy cream highlighter in accordance with your unique bone structure, you are sure to make the most of your face.

A few reminiscences

— You will get a receding illusion with Dark colors shade. So a few shades darker mineral concealer than your skin tone or bronzing powder works fantastically in shade.

— Light colors illuminate and make places come forward, so a concealer perfectly highlights a few shades lighter or glitter powders and sticks.