How do you make the homemade face primer?

Posted on May 21, 2019 in Beautiful appearance, Natural beauty recipes

How do you make the homemade face primer?

Like any blank canvas, before adding colours, your face requires a priming product on the surface. Most of the primers contain silicone which soothes the skin and creates a barrier between the skin and the foundation.

Aloe Vera gel or Glycerin is used in DIY makeup primers which makes the skin tacky for makeup.

The best thing is that by adding the ingredients you already have in your makeup bag, you are making this primer. That way, you are using only products that work for you.

Why make makeup primer at home for yourself? Other advantages include:

  • Fills pores, wrinkles, lines which are often highlighted by certain products.

  • A good base absorbs any extra oil, gives you even skin tone, and ensures that your make-up stays fresh longer, which is especially beneficial in the warm summer.
  • Helps makeup stays longer (especially at hot weather conditions)
  • Using up surplus oil

While most market primers are used to help the prime skin, instead, this DIY primer uses Aloe Vera gel.

Though the first time you mix this formula may not work correctly, you may be able to tweak the ingredients to make it work for your skin.


Use a sunscreen that has a good SPF, since you just add a bit of sunscreen to the primer. Also best to go with water based sunscreen.

DIY makeup primers

Vera aloe

Since you’re going to use this primer for a while, you don’t want to use fresh Aloe Vera gel, as it can go wrong. Buy pre-packaged Aloe Vera gel which can easily be found in medical stores.

Your primary base is the Aloe Vera gel. People with oily skin might need to add a little bit more gel. Aloe Vera works on most types of skin in most cases, but there is a small chance that this will not work for you. Also, you can make your own skin hydrating serum.